Sport England have recently published some clarification on the impact of the government’s recent ‘rule of six’ restriction. Answers to some common questions can be found on their website. Some of the key points are:

Team sports that have already had guidance approved by the government for the safe playing of their sport can continue to use that guidance, provided they now limit the number of people aged 18 and over playing indoors to six. A summary of what can continue is as follows:

Indoor team sports involving children aged under 18, played formally and under government-approved guidance Use of indoor sport and leisure facilities, including gyms and swimming pools

Organised indoor activities or exercise classes (these can take place in larger numbers, provided groups of more than six do not mix and the facility meets the government’s indoor facility guidance)

Outdoor sports played formally and under government-approved guidance

Outdoor sport and physical activity events following event-organiser guidance

Informal indoor or outdoor sport and physical activity in groups of six or fewer while social distancing and following government guidance, and guidance from the sport’s governing body